March 28, 2017: Building my portfolio

Hi there! I haven’t posted in a while, but I have been building a portfolio and am excited to share it with you!

I had the oppurtunity to photograph one of my dear friends and I am so pleased with how the pictures turned out! I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed taking them!

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Portrait shots

It’s becoming tradition that whenever my darling cousin comes to town, we naturally have to take some portrait shots! I don’t have a lot of people who I get to photograph, as my little siblings like to squirm the whole time 😉 So it is quite the privilege to photography my cousin! And I usually get a little time in front of the camera myself 😉 I hope that in 2017, I can continue to gain experience in portrait shots! Enjoy! ~Emma

Kodak Motormatic

As you probably figured out by now, I love cameras and photography a whole lot. So, imagine my excitment when I found an old Kodak at our local thrift store! It is a film camera, which is new for me and I am still developing the film, but how exciting! I get to learn something new about cameras & film! Here are some pictures I took of the camera, which is kinda ironic but oh well! Enjoy! ~Emma

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Daniel’s Family Photos

Happy New Year from Emma Phaytography!! I started off this year with my first photoshoot in awhile! It was a family session for some dear friends of mine who are gorgeous and funny! As you will see, there is tons of snow falling here in Central Oregon! It was a new and interesting experience to shoot in the snow and deal with different kinds of lighting and settings. I hope that this is only the first in many, many more photoshoots this year! Enjoy the pictures and make sure to like, comment and follow! Thanks, Emma

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Thanksgiving & Hiking

Happy Thanksgiving! A very late Thanksgiving at that because I am a slacker who doesn’t blog about Thanksgiving until January… Welp, sorry 🙂 Anyway, in order to work off all the calories gained from Thanksgiving dinner, my family and cousins went hiking! If you have ever been hiking in Central Oregon, you know how amazingly pretty it is! I would suggest, if you have or if you haven’t been hiking in Central Oregon before, you should go hike Barnes Butte! My father and uncle took all of us kids and teenagers, which numbered alot 😉 My cousin and I took turns with my camera, so some of these next pictures are hers, and some mine. I hope you enjoy this little taste of Central Oregon beauty! Enjoy, Emma



Hi there! Emma Phay here! I am a California girl turned Oregon hipster who loves  beanies, Birkenstocks, bubble gum, adventuring, friends, coffee, photography & who chases after Jesus relentles…

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Hiking & Friends & Food & Fun

Friends are one of my most favorite things ever! They lift you up, make you laugh so hard you snort, are a shoulder to cry on and so many other things.

My family has some friends that we have known for almost 20 years! The parents are best friends, as well as all the kids! We love them so much and got to spend some time together this weekend!

We went hiking at Cowiche Canyon, had really yummy food at a restaurant called Miner’s and went to a park. Even though that doesn’t seem like much, with good company it was amazing!

Here are some snapshots of our adventures!

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Blooms //

This spring I have taken hundreds of pictures of blooms. Flowers are one of my favorite things! They smell lovely, look amazing and are an amazing example of God’s creation!

This was the first year that I have had a nice camera, so I was able to take some pretty awesome pictures of the blooming flowers and trees!

I hope that you enjoy the flowers as much as I enjoyed looking and photographing them!

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/ Pretty things /

Winter was VERY long here in Oregon. I had cabin fever like nobody’s business.. SO while I was inside a lot.. I took some random pictures of different objects in my house that I thought were cute, pretty, etc.

I have a thing for Jane Austen, Downton Abbey and things like that. Anything Jane Austen has such taste and class, so I had to take some photos of her books 😉 I think you might get to know me a little better through this series of photos 🙂 I hope you enjoy!

Click on the photos for descriptions!

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Phay Phamily Adventures: Spring 2016

Hello everyone! I haven’t posted in awhile, life is crazy..😁

Anyways, I’m back and have several photographing adventures to share!

My family journeyed to the beach at the end of April which was VERY exciting! The beach is one of my all time favorite places, and getting to smell the salty water and see the crashing waves made me SO happy! We were only there for a short time, but.. I did get some awesome pictures!!

We got to go to a lighthouse first, and then we drove down to the beach. After we played on the beach for awhile it began to rain. Hard. SO, we went and grabbed some lunch at a fish n’ chips place that was in a boat in the bay. That was super cool!

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them! ~Emma

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